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How will my booking be effected by the CoVID-19 Virus?

As a childcare activity provider we understand the importance of keeping every child, parent & staff member who visits us safe. In light of the recent CoVID-19 updates we as a provider are following all governing body guidelines as well as increasing our staff training on hygiene and how to manage the situation.

We are seeking expert advice on a daily basis, and we will continue to act in accordance with all official guidance, as it develops and we will update you with any changes prior to your attendance at camp. In the event we were unble to run then credit amounting to the booking total will be credited to your account. In the event of us being unble to run at an individual venue then you will be given the option to move your booking to another location or have credit added to your account.

What time can I drop my child off and pick them up again?

You can drop your child off with us from 9am and collect them again at 4pm.

Do you offer extended hours?

Yes we do. With the extended hours option, you can drop your child off from as early as 8am and collect again from as late as 6pm.

What does my child need to bring with them to camp?

On a typical day at camp, all your child will need to bring with them to camp is a packed lunch, a refillable water bottle, comfortable clothing and foot wear. If there is a water based activity, they will need to bring swim wear and a towel.

What should I put in my child's packed lunch?

As Mega Camps is so action packed a healthy and well-balanced lunch is an absolute must to ensure your child is able to maximise their time at Camp and enjoy all of the activities to the fullest.

For help on what makes a suitable packed lunch please see the following websites;

Are all of the Mega Camps staff qualified and DBS checked?

All of our staff go through a rigorous screening process. This will ensure that all staff are highly qualified with full security checks in place. So yes, all staff will be DBS checked.

What activities will be on offer at camp?

Each camp will be different from the last. We ensure that there is great diversity through each camp and that your child gets a different option every day that they come to camp. Before each camp begins, there will be an activity schedule released showing all of the specialist activities on offer for that day.

If my child is signed up for the sports camps, can they join in with the arts 'N' crafts and vice versa?

One of the things that sets us apart from other camp providers is that we are extremely flexible. If a child is booked into either the Sports or Arts 'N' Crafts camp, at any point throughout the day, they can switch over to the other. This ensures that every child has the choice throughout the whole day to do exactly what they like on the schedule.

What children's holidays do you run Mega Camps?

We run every half-term and school holiday at every venue that we hold a camp. This ensures consistency when choosing a holiday camp provider.

What locations are Mega Camps based?

Currently, we run our sports and activity camps in multiple locations across Essex, Surrey and Kent - Check out our locations here.

Is there a tuck shop at Mega Camps?

Yes there is. We offer a range of various snacks and drinks at camp for your child to purchase throughout the day.

This is my child's first day at camp, are they going to be safe and secure?

Yes they are. If for any reason you would like to contact, please call the camp number which will be available upon arrival.

Is there going to be a first aider on site?

There is always someone at camp who will be first aid trained, who will be dealing with all potential accidents. Aswell as this, all venues have their own first aid provisions.

I have more than one child, are there discounts available?

We offer comprehensive deals for parents who have more than one child, these are called our sibling saver deals.

How do I book my child onto camp?

Booking your child onto Mega Camps couldn't be easier, simply fill out our online booking form or speak to one of the team on 0333 012 4378. Once you have completed your booking you will receive an email confirmation containing all the information you require for your child's attendance at Mega Camps. Pre Payment is compulsory on all bookings.